Surveillance cameras or security cameras are video cameras that are used for video surveillance, ie, to carry out tasks of monitoring and remote visual observation of people, objects or processes with security control purposes. Surveillance cameras can be analog, digital, IP or mini-cameras and cameras used in CCTV systems (CCTV), IP video surveillance, spying by hidden camera, spy satellites and aerial reconnaissance.

Here are some video surveillance systems where surveillance cameras are used:

• CCTV (Closed Circuit Television, CCTV) video surveillance system that uses TV technology.

• IP Video surveillance system employing communication networks IP (Internet Protocol).

• Video-surveillance hidden camera: espionage and counter-espionage by mini-cameras, surveillance cameras camouflaged to avoid being discovered.

• Aerial reconnaissance: conducted by surveillance cameras placed in airplanes.

• Satellite images: Task military intelligence and civil services such as Google Earth.


Types of surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras can be of various types:

• Digital cameras.

• IP Cameras.

• Mini-cameras.

• Cameras false.



Here are some important features surveillance cameras:

• Color or monochrome (black and white).

• Night vision and can capture images in total darkness or illuminated with thermal infrared.

• Motion detection, the system is activated when something moves in front of the cameras.

• Wireless connection.


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