When we talk about professional email solutions for the company, the name of Microsoft Exchange is always put on the table. Exchange has shown since its official launch in 1997, Microsoft had been right when providing businesses an advanced solution that goes far beyond just receiving and sending email.

Advantages of Exchange versus a "traditional" mail server

One of the first thoughts that have to make the owner of an SME is that when you choose to manage your email with a POP3 / IMAP server, actually what you are doing is to opt for a product that has been designed for the home user and therefore, it does not include many of the features that are interesting in the corporate world.

What characteristics are we talking about?

 First Exchange allows us to work with several mailboxes simultaneously, all under the same domain name, to which must be added a second basic characteristic: to have a common directory and unified they have access to all users business.

In the field of security, helps us Exchange Server backup of all mail received, messages may get back later, offering other tools that help us implement common security policies (anti Spam, anti virus).

On the other hand, next to the reception of our e-mail through programs such as Microsoft Outlook or similar, Exchange offers a web interface so we can check our mails securely (VPN access if you wish) from any computer, and on the other hand it offers solutions for major mobile devices (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.)

And of course, we could not conclude this section without mentioning the possibilities offered in the field of collaboration. Being able to share agendas or to have their own space to share documents (Share point) is another of the significant advantages that come to the fore when it comes to this development.

Your mail anywhere, on all your devices



* Mobile Navigation

Access your Exchange account from your smart phone, tablet, desktop computer ... Your email goes with you, like your calendars and contacts. Very convenient for travel and displacement.


* Exchange Active-sync

With Exchange Active-sync, you can synchronize all your actions and see changes on all devices (smart-phone, web mail client, desktop computer). the Exchange will always be updated: the confusions are over.


* Check the old mail off-line

Thanks to a system caching, you can view your received messages even when off-line; a very useful feature, for example, when there is no network coverage when traveling.


* Outlook Web App

OWA (Outlook Web App), which allows users to access their mail from a web browser, is now optimized for touchscreen

* Smart Search

The Smart Search technology takes into account use Exchange to optimize search results.


* Shared Calendar

The calendar included in Microsoft Exchange facilitates the entry of appointments and organizing meetings. In addition to indicating the participants, you can set a time and subject, select a room or check the availability of invitees. And, of course, you can share your calendar or authorize an inquiry by another partner.


*Address book

You can develop strategies to address book in order to provide customized global address list views. The segmentation of the global list lets you create a virtual separation between users to optimize address lists from each group of collaborators.

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